Mixed-use Parking Consultants

Q:     Would you like a functional analysis of your existing facility?

         Do you need an independent study on your existing operation?

A:     Cornerstone can help you define and eliminate parking pain points.

Cornerstone Consulting services include:

Consulting Services Rationale
Parking Supply/Demand Studies: What are the parking demands at peak and or seasonal peak?
Shared Parking Can we minimize your parking footprint and maximize your existing parking facilities by better understanding shared parking?
Inventory Analysis Do we have the appropriate space for each mixed-use user group?
Parking Audits Do you need an audit of your current operating parking platform?
Parking Technology Assessment Can technology make your mixed-use development more efficient, profitable, and service friendly?
Parking Rate/Parking Service Studies Determine what similar parking facilities in the area are providing/charging.
Parking Operating Solutions Provide parking solutions that realize your strategic goals and leverage best industry practices.
Parking Organizational Design Develop the optimal organizational structure for your parking platform.

CORNERSTONE GOAL: Expert analysis that produces strategies and information so that you can make the most informed parking service and financial decisions.

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