Cornerstone Builds Professional Mixed-use Parking Management Systems That Serve All Stakeholders.

We operate professional mixed-use parking management systems that encourage consistent and long-term customer/tenant parking compliance while furthering your brand.

Shared Parking Experts

Q:     Do you own or manage a mixed-use development?

A:     Cornerstone understands that each development has unique goals, lease mixes, and a fluctuating customer base that can quickly impact your parking resources. Mixed-use developments are ever-changing entities that utilize “shared parking” strategies to maximize the efficient use of your real estate asset.

Cornerstone has the experience and expertise to build a shared parking platform that takes into account the various requirements and strategies to serve all your customers, tenants, and management.

Cornerstone shared parking management systems include:

• Premium restaurant and retail valet services
• On-street meters and enforcement programs
• Segregated employee/tenant/resident parking
• Alternative transportation planning and management
• Shuttle operations
• Premium parking opportunities
• Validation parking strategies and technologies
• Concierge/greeter services
• Contract parking management
• Special event planning and management
• Demand studies
• Parking technologies
• Emergency contingency plans

CORNERSTONE GOAL: Seamless shared parking operations that improve access and parking availability for all your customers, tenants, and staff.

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