Our Team Is The Reason For Our Success

Training & Development

We train to foster positive impressions.

Customized comprehensive training, tailored for your specific facility, is used to match your needs and goals. Our objective is to equip our team to be an extension of your care. We strive to deliver a level of patient care that helps create positive outcomes.

Reward & Recognition

What gets rewarded gets done!

Cornerstone believes strongly in rewarding our team members for exhibiting desired behaviors. Instant rewards, productivity incentives, and employee recognition programs are just a few of the ways we proactively and intentionally encourage our team to consistently deliver quality service ​to your patients and visitors.

Servant Leadership

“If you aren’t serving the customer you better be serving someone who is.” - Karl Albrecht

Our leaders are ever­-present and engaged ​with you and our service delivery team. Their goal is to ensure our team has the tools to do their job while working alongside them modeling desired behavior​.

Evaluation & Growth

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions!” -Rick Tate

At Cornerstone every employee from the newest cashier or valet to the president is evaluated on an annual basis. New employees are evaluated multiple times.

Self­-reviews and peer reviews are utilized to gain constructive feedback. Specific goals are set and measured regularly with personal aspirations in mind.

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